Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How to do a facial clean up at home

Doing a cleanup at home is not difficult at all. If you have the right products, the process becomes simpler.

Get a face wash that suits your skin type: Before you begin with the process, wash your face with a face wash that is suits your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, a one that contains salicylic acid is right for you. Similarly, if you have dry skin, a one that moisturizes your face is ideal for you.

A mild scrub to eliminate dead skin cells: Dead skin cells make your face look dull. Thus to enhance your skin tone, use a scrub that not only suits your skin type but also takes care of blackhead problems.

Apply a moisturizing face pack: No matter what your skin type is, the application of a moisturizing face pack makes your skin soft and supple and also improves your skin tone. Take one spoon of honey along with aloe Vera juice or Neem powder and apply it evenly on your face.

A nourishing face cream to make your skin soft: Another thing that will make your skin soft is the application of a nourishing face cream. Right after you've applied the face pack, make it a point to evenly apply the cream on your face and neck.